Sunday, November 16, 2008

you offer me some punch but i just shrug

just like relient k, i hate christmas parties.

okay, i dont hate them, i just mildly dislike them. i hate semi-dressing up... i want to wear jeans, night pants, or my wedding dress. and that's it. not a sweater or something stupid. my football jersey, cyndi lauper sweatshirt, and slippers. and i hate small talk. i make enough small talk at work, i dont need it on the weekend, too.

but jesse's work party was in the building that we almost were going to have our reception in, but i chose the other one. thank goodness, because the one we were in tonight was way ugly and i'm brilliant and picked the cheaper, and apparently the much more attractive one. ten points for me.

i cant wait to eat wedding cake :)

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