Monday, November 17, 2008

this week the trend

1. prison break is stressful.
2. my throat hurts.
3. customers were weird today.

i decided to copy my barista girls and be trendy...behold my new toenails:

jesse hates them. oh well, they're not forever. its much too soggy for flip flops right now anyways.

me and my tylenol pm are off to sleep. hopefully i wake up tomorrow feeling better than i did today.

p.s. one month till my birthday! but i'm starting over at three, not going to twenty-three.


Cassie said...

Hola Megs! I like your new toes. Hope you feel better tomorrow. I just started a blog of my own today. I decided I miss my blogging days so it's time to recapture them. :)



Anonymous said...

Your toes are gorgeous! Seriously, beautiful. Kinda hot... ;)