Saturday, March 28, 2009


and git-r-dun we did. on wednesday, we signed contracts & paid deposits with the florist & dj. finished paying for the reception hall. picked out our wedding bands - custom designed mine and put a deposit on it, paid for jesse's and it's being sized, they'll both be in within a week :) got some extra invitations for some stragglers. got tulle circles and wire ribbon for favors. applied for our marriage license and got all my name change paperwork! of course i made jesse take a picture outside of the courthouse :)

yesterday, i met with my future mother-in-law, jerri, and future aunt-in-law, marisa, at our ceremony site to talk about decoration ideas and how we want to set things up on w-day. we're getting married at marisa's bed & breakfast, called the lighthouse bungalow, which is right on the water in town, with the capitol building on one side and the olympic mountains on the other side from the view in the back. the pictures there are going to be beautiful - hope for sunshine! here are a few pictures of the bungalow from marisa's website:
mom & i went shopping today for her outfit and by some crazy miracle we found something she liked! it looked really cute on her, and she felt comfy in it, so a big two thumbs up there. and by some bigger miracle, I FOUND MY SHOES!! i have been looking in any store that remotely has anything that resembles something to wear on your feet and have come up quite disappointed. until today. behold:that's right. hot pink and leopard inside. we had to special order them for my ridiculously small feet, so i cant wait for them to come in and i can pick them up and wear them around my house and get blisters so they don't completely destroy my feet when it really counts.

i also ordered some placecard holders that i'm going to uses as picture "frames" for table decorations. i didn't want to pay a jillion dollars for flowers to decorate the reception with, so we're going with something a little more personalized (and much cheaper):

aaaand right now i'm working on starting our favors. swedish fish of course. 1) because jesse is my fisherman and 2) because jordan almonds are GROSS and i still haven't recovered from yeimi's reception after making her favors and eating my weight in after-dinner mints.

that's all for now. gonna watch one more episode of psych, have one more glass of wine, finish as many favors as i can get through, and head to bed (quite late, might i add, for this already past her time 89-year-old trapped in a 20-something exterior)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

99 problems

i'm feeling extremely overwhelmed, and to be completely honest, a little helpless. i'm getting married in one month. i know i shouldn't feel helpless, because i'm supposed to be in control of what's going on. but there is so much to do...big things, little things, insignificant things to anyone but me, and i can't do it all myself. jesse and i are having a "wedding git r dun" day tomorrow...running around and paying all sorts of crazy money to pretty much everyone. meeting & signing the contract with the florist, paying the last of the reception hall fee, applying for our marriage license (and getting name change information), getting extra invitations for some stragglers, getting tulle and ribbon to make reception favors, applying for a liquor license, looking into ceremony tent & chair rentals, and still trying to pick our our wedding rings. and those are just the things on the agenda for tomorrow. i hope we can get them done...i'd love to have a few things crossed off my list for this week. it's looking like i should buy stock in cheap wine because i'm gonna be needing my fair amount in the next 32 days...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


is it bad that i wish more of my friends blogged so i could follow them and have more to read? and in turn have more people to read and respond back to me?
i know i do this for me, but sometimes i feel needy and wish it seemed like more people cared. ugh, i know how selfish that sounds... like a teenager needing constant reassurance that she's cute and popular from her seemingly endless parade of followers.
but to my girls, here and now, thank you and i love you <3

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

karma (chameleon)

i don't really understand the thinking of some people. it's not all that bright to tease and berate me constantly and repeatedly, and then ask me for favors. contrary to popular belief, i have a life and i don't sit around waiting to serve you.

Monday, March 2, 2009

do i look like i care?

because i really don't.

i know its my job to be polite, and i know that sometimes people have bad days and need to let it all out (hmm, seem to be having one of those right now, hence the blog). but i dont get paid (or tipped) enough to be a therapist. when i ask "how are you", it is really out of obligation, and is pretty much a rhetorical question. respond to me with "good" or "fine" and let's both get on with our lives. don't say "ehhhh life sucks, i dont have a job, blah blah blah" ... what am i supposed to do with that?! cry? offer you my job? because standing there awkwardly doesnt seem to suffice for you. get a blog and leave me alone.