Wednesday, December 24, 2008


tomorrow is the first christmas in 24 christmases that i won't be waking up to open presents with my brother and sister, laughing at my dad's attempt at still trying to fool us with a wrong-handed santa note. it makes me sad, but it also makes me happy to be growing up and starting my own christmas mornings.

our running around starts tonight...we're trying to spend time with both sides of both of our families, which is going to leave us exhausted, but hopefully it will be as stress-free as possible. tonight is with my dad's family, then his mom's afterwards. tomorrow morning, we're going to wake up early(ish), have coffee, and exhange gifts with each other. then its off to his parents' for breakfast, followed by grandma sue's, and then back to offut lake for dinner.

i need the snow to stop. its killing my christmas spirit. actually, its not doing much for any kind of spirit i should have, holiday or otherwise. i hate being stuck having to depend on other people for everything. i'm an independent girl and i just want to drive to the grocery store by myself.

please enjoy my note to santa from a few years ago... i really enjoyed waking up to see that someone had eaten most of the banana, part of the orange, and took a good bite out of the raw potato...
merry christmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

she's alive!

i really havent dropped off the planet... i just dont have internet at home for another week :( the good news is - we finally moved!! we're in a townhouse thats only about five minutes from where i lived with my family :) here are a few pictures of our before...and after pictures will have to wait until i've finished decorating ;) the livingroom with our adorable indoor patio area...haha there used to be a fireplace but apparently getting rid of the bricks wasnt a high priority
dining room!
la cocina! washer and dryer go on the end of the counter by the back door
i have stairs! my poor knees!
after an afternoon of unloading cars with cito :)

fat grace tried to keep my tv stand...

Monday, December 1, 2008


tomorrow i am going to look at a townhouse. i looked at this place (well, one completely identical to it) three months ago. jesse and i liked it and filled out applications on it and when we tried to get them back to the landlord woman, she had fallen off the planet. turns out she was in the hospital for a month, which is why we couldnt get ahold of her. now she's posted another place and we jumped on it. its three bedrooms, two baths, two stories, in a quiet little neighborhood, clean, and classy. i'm crossing everything that this works out. i hope if it works, that it works right now and we dont have to wait until january to move.

and it woudnt be december without a countdown: