Sunday, November 9, 2008


today i'm going to be the crazy cat lady. please meet my gatos:

meet audrey hepburn. she's a little crazy, extremely elusive, and according to this picture, she only has one eye. she is only social at night when she does laps around my parents bed, begging for people to snuggle with her.

most everyone is familiar with grace kelly. more familiarly, fat grace. doesn't she look charming? she was not amused with our photo shoot.

dottie hinson. dottie rottie rooster. she's fat like grace and crazy like audrey. she only loves cito, no matter the circumstance. i think she should be sent to a mental facility.

1 comment:

Ashlee said...

FAT GRACE!!! And Audrey.. they all look at me like i'm freakin' crazy when I'm there. Maybe it's because I laugh so much or because i'm loud ;) or MAYBE it's because I'm cuter than them.. HA!