Friday, January 27, 2012

pin-ssion accomplished!

Wanted to share a few of the crafts I’ve found on pinterest and made myself!


Found this tutorial on how to make “play makeup” and thought it was so wonderful and fun! I didn’t have any already empty compacts, so I picked one up at the dollar tree and took the makeup out myself. I ended up doing about 4 “coats” of the polish because it shrinks up. I love how it turned out! My niece got this one in her stocking for Christmas




I know I saw a pin for it somewhere (but of course I didn’t pin it :/) but i made my own “find-it” game! and doubled up the pin-fun with this tutorial on how to color rice with food coloring and rubbing alcohol. I used my rice for a different purpose, but once my kid(s) are old enough, I’m absolutely going to be making a sensory box with the rice like the original poster did!

I made a christmas themed one for my grandma (hence the red and green rice) with a snowflake container I found at a thrift store – the picture is just the jar and rice, no find-it goodies in there yet - and a second one for a white-elephant gift that I threw in some blue rice, too


There has been an explosion of homemade coasters all over pinterest and I’ve gotta say, they’re easy and so much fun!! I made a set for myself, my sister, and a girlfriend and they all turned out awesome! Here’s the animal-print set I made for my friend:



I found this beautiful candy cane vase and loved it. Of course I found it in October when there were no candy canes to be found in stores! Got the base jar at a thrift store and after a trip through the dishwasher, it came out looking like new! I’m happy with how mine turned out, but it took FOREVER for me to unwrap all the candy canes (VERY carefully…lots of broken ones straight from the boxes) and after I got most of the way through, I realized not all of the canes I had were the same size (even though they were the same brand, bought from the same shelf!), so I had a tough time with this one. It’s cute and festive, but I can safely say I won’t be making another!




I saw a really cool looking idea to stamp directly on a candle with a rubber stamp, but I think I had the wrong type of ink. So, I found another way! I ended up cutting the strip of stamped tissue paper in two pieces, because it was going on the candle really crooked. I made several of these small candles with different pictures on them (Christmas trees, presents, and lights) and set them out on a tray with faux cranberries. It looked wonderful!




So there’s a few things I’ve made so far! I’ve tried some recipes and a couple other things that I haven’t taken pictures of, but I have lots of things on my “pin-list”! Right now I’m working on Fischer’s baby book and decorations for his first birthday party and a few little Valentine’s things :)


Friday, January 13, 2012

Reuse your 6-pack bottle holder!

Not that I don't love Christmas, but I'm pretty glad to be back to "regular" life because thanks to pinterest, I've got a boatload of non-Christmas crafts I want to make!! I started with an organizational caddy for the desktop in my craft room. I had cute little buckets and baby food jars full of pens and paintbrushes and the like. But they kept falling over and didn't want to stay where I put them. Boy, did I sure show them who's the boss.


I covered my caddy in adorable zebra duct tape (which made it sturdier!) and filled it to my little heart’s content.

If you’re wondering what’s containing my desktop paraphernalia, it’s a soda can!


My brother showed me how to remove the top of a soda can with a can opener and then looked at me like an idiot when I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! (Am I the only one who was unaware of this phenomena?) There were very few little sharp pieces (like where I started to remove the top), which I flattened with pliers.

I’m so thrilled with my new caddy, I’m making more! Guess that means I need to drink some more Henry’s. What a shame.