Thursday, November 13, 2008

morale boosting.

my week seems to continue to kick my ass repeatedly. which doesnt appear to help in my picture taking. after another rough day, i'm going to try and find 13 things (on the 13th, get it?) that are making me happy, or will make me happy, so i can go to bed not feeling so morose.

1. the jets beat the patriots (!!!!!!!!!)... this almost never happens :)
2. man alive, brett favre is so hot.
3. i get to see my twin tomorrow... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. i get to see my olive tomorrow... !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. friday morning coffee cooking with vicki
6. i'm so excited to see the look on ash's face when she opens her birthday present
7. rum & diet cokes tomorrow night
8. zenon was on today!
9. there's an old apple cup on...the cougs are actually winning, i forgot what that was like
10. zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom, my supernova girl
11. i think i'm going to take a flamingo purse to the scrapbook convention tomorrow... and my new tree hugger bag!
12. today is grandpa pearce's birthday :)

i hit you with my best shot (and fired away). now it's time for pat benetar to go to bed.

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