Wednesday, November 12, 2008


let me start by expressing my disdain for female reproductive parts. i cant wait till i have kids and get all my insides taken out. stoked.

this morning my best friend challenged me to take and post twelve pictures on the twelfth. so, here's some more of my life...
my best elisia, making coffee for another helpless customer, with her fab new lipgloss :)

this is what the counter looks like after all of thurston county decides they need coffee all at one time

my fridge turkey :)

emo latte

brent's book i found at the library. he's thrilled.

grammy sue and the sewing machine...trying to outsmart it.

grandpa jake, asleep as always :)

my dinner...taco bell's zesty chicken bowl (sin pollo) & my cold as the rockies beverage

my room is so empty :(

pretty flamingo light! and you can even see what time i took it ;)

a delicious-smelling early christmas present from a customer

my legs and comfy flamingo feet

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