Friday, September 23, 2011

halloween cards!

i love halloween! the cute halloween, not the super-gory, people jumping out of bushes in zombie makeup scaring little children halloween. 

i made my halloween cards this year from my sweetheart’s footprint. (my mini-sweetheart, not the full-grown one.)


ghostly footprints!

we made sure the heel of the footprint was close to the top of the page so there was room to have some embellishment at the bottom. used white acrylic paint because it comes off of little feet really easily. and the eyes are just black sharpie – nothin’ special :)

back it on whatever paper you’d like – we have several different versions with purple and non-glitter paper and lots of different variations from rub-ons and stamps at the bottom.

and if your baby is born after halloween, make these in january so their foot isnt too big for the following year!!

happy haunting!

Friday, September 16, 2011

storing your everyday wreaths

i find myself accumulating fun non-christmas wreaths with no place to store them except a box in the shed. and that makes me a little sad. pretty wreaths don’t deserve to be crushed and misshapen in a mean ole box.

today, i took down my summer door d├ęcor and found the shelf in the closet wasn’t going to cut it to store my sunny friend. but i found other inspiration in the closet…


a hanger! how simple is that?! i win! happy wreath :)

mommy’s craft time – part 2!

first off, everyone is invited to my wedding.

“i, megan, take you, mod podge, to be my lawfully wedded craft goo.”

okay, crazy lady moving on.

i love my stamps. they’re good friends of mine. i hate digging for them under all my other shit stuff. i don’t want to have to take all of the easter stamps out of the box to get to the halloween ones on the bottom.

problem solved!

(let’s rewind ever so slightly.)

i have an addiction to organizational tools. whenever joann’s has photo storage boxes on sale, i sort of buy… alot of them. unnecessary amounts. but they’re on sale!

i had this box sitting in my scrapbook room waiting for a purpose:


and NOW problem solved:


(enter my new husband(?), mod podge)

i had this halloween paper in the file also waiting for its purpose, and it appears, its destiny has been fulfilled!

it took me about 2 1/2 12x12 sheets of paper to cover the box (not the bottom) and the lid. when it came to tricky corners, i folded them as if i were creasing and wrapping a present. I got creative with the metal “label” thing on the front. just cut a little frame around it and slipped the extra piece in the slot. it didn’t line up exactly, but I wasn’t too worried about that.

now i have a super-cute place for all of my halloween stamps, stickers, and embellishments to go without having to unearth everything else in the room. cant wait to make a christmas one!!

mommy craft time!!

while the cutest baby in the whole world

( 001a )

is at gramma’s house, his mother decided to get a few fun things done (aka NO: laundry, dishes, vacuuming)

first off:


that being said, i have 1,389,275 things on my to-do list from there. let’s cross one off, shall we?

i found the following on there:


smart. simple. a little too black and white for me. (but that was her theme)

so i made my own! one for the baby’s room in boy colors and one for under the sink in the main bathroom (which, even though no one will really see, i decorated according to the beach-theme)





all i needed was a canister (that i emptied out at work yesterday – thank you, ghirardelli’s white chocolate powder), some scrapbook paper, mod-podge, and lettering - all of which, i already had in my crafting arsenal! for the first one, i used stickers on dark paper and cut them out, and the second was accomplished with my handy dandy cricut!

i’m so proud of myself. even though it’s basically the easiest thing i’ve ever done :)