Sunday, November 23, 2008

a follow-up.

so, my being escorted out of a casino wasnt really that huge of a deal, but i found it quite amusing. vic and i worked at a fight last night selling rockstar energy drinks.
after the last fight was over, we grabbed our stuff and tried to haul ass out of there to beat the crowds, not to mention the 80 one-dollar bills in my purse from our tip jar that i was trying to keep from being grabbed off my shoulder.

we were stopped by a woman working casino security who clearly thought it was 1986 due to her permed ponytail and large owl-esque glasses, who i honestly thought was going to check our id's to see if we were even old enough to be in the casino in the first place. turns out, she wanted to confiscate our beverages. our unopened cans of rockstar from the casino event center not one hundred yards away. "you're not allowed to have outside open containers in here" we were informed. which i then rebutted that our open containers were actually closed and we were going to be keeping them and all we wanted to do was leave the casino, which is what we were attempting when we were so abruptly stopped. she then becomes irritated with my smart assedness and tells me that someone will see us out.

i told vic that our moms would be so proud that we were kicked out of a casino :)
yeah, we're bad.

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