Saturday, November 1, 2008


its november! i'm blogging everyday. my new pictures start tomorrow, delayed by something much more important.

hoy es el dia de los muertos :) today is a day to remember your loved ones who are bigger than this world. i'd like anyone and everyone to remember a few important people to me.

one of the most beautiful people this world has ever seen, my grandma bertsie. she gave everything she had to offer and more. she was everyone's friend, always loving them in any way she knew how. she taught me how to play cribbage, let me drink little coffee creamers at restaurants, and was one of my best friends.

the biggest, most handsome six year old the world has ever seen. uncle kevin was selfless, silly, funny, and loving. it was one of my favorite things to watch him and my mom talk about old stories and laugh at their inside jokes that everyone tried so hard to understand, just so we could be cool like uncle kevin. i'll never see another superman symbol and not think of him for as long as i live.

i dont have a picture on my computer of him, but last but not least is grandpa phil. he loved his family more than anything. my best memory of him is spending a week with him in vancouver, swimming in his pool, which was the coolest thing in the entire world. thanks for the pennies, grandpa, keep 'em coming.

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