Monday, November 2, 2009


okay, so i’m already late by one day, but since my blog goal last november was to make an entry everyday, i figured i’d try again this year.  but this year i’m gonna try and do it a little different. 

i have about a jillion and six pictures saved on my computer, and each day this month, i’m going to pick one that i love and just give a little background on it.  since i don’t have all that much going on right now, other than work and trying to see my husband for more than five minutes everyday, i think this is a good filler, rather than boring anyone who reads this (and myself!) with the same ole coffee stand antics day after day.



this is on our honeymoon!  indian beach in oregon,between seaside & cannon beach.  we had alot of fun here :)  we found TONS of starfish and even a few sand dollars. it was sooo windy, so i stole jesse’s coat.  which made me feel cute :)   i love this picture because its a perfect example of “us” … jesse’s head is always cut off and (you can’t see it, but i know its true) i’m standing on my tippy toes.  he’s my lobster <3


Lynds said...

Very cute picture! I have never been to Oregon. Is it nice? I will have to go there one time and put it in my list of vacations. :)


Lynds said...

Question for you:

What program do you use to put your pictures in your blogs thats easy?? Can I use it with Livejournal?