Tuesday, November 3, 2009


 bertsiei think i may have posted this picture before, but that doesnt matter.  this is my grandma bert.  she’s an angel now, and i miss her like crazy.  i was especially missing her yesterday, so i wanted to share her today :)  she always let me eat peanut butter straight off of the spoon, taught me how to play cribbage, and make vegetable soup in the sink with her leftover scraps.

whenever i hear the national anthem, i have to hold back tears because she would always sing it under her breath, in that amazing grandma way, and i can still hear her.  she was always on my team and i could always count on her to play a whole saturday mornings’ worth of board games with me when i didn’t want to run errands with mom.

love you, bertsie <3


Lynds said...

Too sweet. She almost reminds me of my Aunt Eve.

Ashlee said...

Love you Grandma!! :)


i have a confession. I cant read this post because the thought of reading it already gives me a lump in my throat. And I dont want to start my morning that way. But since we are twins.. I already know :)