Thursday, February 12, 2009

you've got mail

we diiiiiid iiiitttt!!!!

jesse and i mailed invitations yesterday, and people are already getting them and calling to rsvp! crazy, right?! we had to take pictures because we're dorks like that, and people were looking at us in the post office like we were nuts. its such a relief to get them out of my hair! of course i'm an idiot and decided to make them myself, so they (along with everything to make them) were alllllll over my poor house. kitchen counter, table, side tables, couch, everywhere. now i just have to clean up all my scrap stuff...

it snowed here on tuesday. i hate the snow. its cold and wet and stupid. i love to sit inside with a hot cup of coffee and a blankie and watch the snow fall. i hate everything else about it. it turns to slush or ice, neither are easy to walk on or drive in. naturally, i had to run about a million errands on tuesday, and the snow didn't start until after i got to work, so i was just wearing my (backless) slippers, like i do everyday. after i swam through the costco parking lot, the inside of my shoes were cold and wet, as were my socks. being the inventive genius i am, i took my socks off and put them on the dash so the defrost would not only keep my windows clear, but dry my poor socks too. it worked and i had to do it everytime i drove from one place to the next :)

today's list is of random things i love right now:
schoolhouse rock
quiet afternoons at home by myself
watching wheel of fortune & jeopardy every night with jesse

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