Thursday, February 19, 2009

and that ball is belted, deep to right field...

first of all, i'm absolutely thrilled beyond words that griffey is coming back to the mariners. he's home again, right where he should be.

now let me rant for a moment. all these "fans" are coming out of the woodwork singing mariners praises, just like they did when the seahawks went to the superbowl. they're making me look like an asshole. but at least i'm an asshole who has watched every game of every season since before i can remember.

i count down the days to spring training, and then opening day every year. i buy a veggie dog and spill ketchup on my pants every time i'm at safeco. i clap, snap, and stomp with all the organ music. i play the hydroplane game and always root for the green one. i play the hat game and lose the ball and still guess its under number two. i wear mariners gear year-round. i still get goosebumps when i watch edgar's double and see griffey on the bottom of the pile at home plate. i still get so excited watching old games, even when i know what happens. i cried with joey after the indians game, and i cried when dave neihaus was inducted into the hall of fame. i'm still thankful that i didn't throw up on bret boone when i met him at fanfest and took a picture of me on second base.

that is what being a real fan is. it's skipping your college graduation to go to a mariners game. a mariners game, by the way, that we won, beating the giants, striking out barry bonds* for the last out of the game. it was so worth it. its not about having our superstar back (which, like i said, i'm so stoked about), its more than that. its deeper than wins and losses, which we've been on the less-than-ideal end for more seasons than i care to remember. my heart has baseball stitches on it. 108 of them. does yours?

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Future Mrs. Densley said...

I love Ken Griffey Jr... SO EXCITED!