Tuesday, February 17, 2009

el trabajo.

i like working alone. especially in the mornings. it keeps me busy and forces me to wake up and accept that the day has started and i need to get with the program. i get to keep the temperature where i want it. i get to listen to the music i want. i get to read my book - or blog! - when its slow, without feeling obligated to make small talk.

here's some tips to customers... if you want good service, follow these guidelines.
DON'T pull up to my window on your phone and then get upset when i'm speaking to you. i understand you can get a call two seconds before you pull up, but don't get mad at me because there are people behind you and you're whispering your order to me, as not to upset the precious person on the other line.
DON'T tell me what our prices are. when your $25 prepaid card lasts 2.5 days because you spend almost ten bucks a day on coffee, dont act surprised when your money runs out. 12 shots of coffee a day isnt healthy, you fat lard.
DON'T ask me where another girl is. if you dont like my coffee, then don't come when i'm working. if you want to talk to someone else, then come when you see her car, or call her. i'm not a secretary and i don't know or care where someone is or what they're doing when they're not here.
DON'T leave your ginormous truck running while trying to speak to me. i can't hear you.
DON'T play your music so loud you blow out your speakers while you're waiting for your drink. no one wants to hear your shitty music.
DO tip me lots of money and tell me i have pretty hair

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Future Mrs. Densley said...

This made Matt and I laugh so hard we almost fell over. Then today at work someone came to the drive through and got mad when I could not hear them over their F-350... stupid people, I thought of you!