Friday, February 6, 2009

dessert first

i really dont want to cook dinner. i want happy teriyaki to cook dinner. and then bring it to my house. of course i dont want to pick it up myself. i gave up jeans for the rest of the day and my love pink pants arent really 'going out in public' material. anyone want to be my personal chef? i'll make yummy noises and tell you how wonderful you are.
to put things simply, i love dessert. all kinds of dessert. i love ice cream. i love brownies. i looooove cake and i loooooove pie. today's list is my favorite desserts. in no order whatsoever, because different moods call for different desserts.
devils food cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting (in a bowl of milk, or course)
lemon bars
eskimo cookies
peach pie
gold medal ribbon ice cream from baskin robbins

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