Saturday, January 3, 2009


finally, i saw twilight yesterday. overall, i enjoyed it. i was extremely disappointed that my favorite line from the book didn't make it to the movie.
"do i dazzle you?"

i love edward. i was also disappointed that at one point, edward's volvo had an oregon license plate. like us washintonians arent going to notice? come on hollywood, we might be public-school educated rednecks, but we're not THAT dumb. i laughed in places that were meant to be serious, especially with jasper, because his facial expressions crack me up. my favorite thing about the movie was that charlie wore a mariners shirt and drank rainier beer :) i also loved when bella dropped her apple and edward was beautiful and dazzling and caught it.

can't wait for new moon...they better stick with taylor lautner for jacob, or alot of people, myself included, will be very angry. i cant wait until the part where he cuts his hair. men with hair longer than mine arent too appealing.

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Cassie said...

The Mariners shirt made me think of you!

Did you notice that when Edward caught the apple, it created the image from the book cover? So awesome!

Also, did you catch Stephenie Meyer's cameo appearance in the diner?