Saturday, January 31, 2009


so after my terrible, soul-draining week last week, this week was better. still exhausting, but much less destructive on my brain.

first, a warning. a life lesson if you will. don't ever, under any circumstance, read marley and me. ever. i sat on the couch crying my eyes out. over a book. i was sobbing and i couldnt breathe through my stuffed up nose. really, it was a wonderful book, but in the end, heart-shattering.

i had another wedding dream. they are waking me up and stressing me while i sleep, so much that i cant even fall back asleep. this time i had the wrong dress (which is a step up from the last dream, where i had no dress at all, just workout clothes). my minister didnt show up, so naturally, grandma sue performed the ceremony. and of course it was in my parents' backyard. i didnt have my vows, so jesse wrote them for me. and to top it all off, we had the reception at subway. hmmm....

i had some wonderful girlfriends come over and help me with invitations this week, which was amazing. i hope they know how grateful i am, and the stress and worry that they've saved me. i cant even express my gratitude.
in case anyone was unaware of how awesome i am, please review the following:



how excellent am i?! i put it together all by myself! without crying or injury! granted, it took me like an hour, but i'd say thats still pretty much a success! on sale for twenty bucks at target today!

tomorrow i'm going to start my february blog goal, we'll see how far it takes me.

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