Friday, September 16, 2011

mommy’s craft time – part 2!

first off, everyone is invited to my wedding.

“i, megan, take you, mod podge, to be my lawfully wedded craft goo.”

okay, crazy lady moving on.

i love my stamps. they’re good friends of mine. i hate digging for them under all my other shit stuff. i don’t want to have to take all of the easter stamps out of the box to get to the halloween ones on the bottom.

problem solved!

(let’s rewind ever so slightly.)

i have an addiction to organizational tools. whenever joann’s has photo storage boxes on sale, i sort of buy… alot of them. unnecessary amounts. but they’re on sale!

i had this box sitting in my scrapbook room waiting for a purpose:


and NOW problem solved:


(enter my new husband(?), mod podge)

i had this halloween paper in the file also waiting for its purpose, and it appears, its destiny has been fulfilled!

it took me about 2 1/2 12x12 sheets of paper to cover the box (not the bottom) and the lid. when it came to tricky corners, i folded them as if i were creasing and wrapping a present. I got creative with the metal “label” thing on the front. just cut a little frame around it and slipped the extra piece in the slot. it didn’t line up exactly, but I wasn’t too worried about that.

now i have a super-cute place for all of my halloween stamps, stickers, and embellishments to go without having to unearth everything else in the room. cant wait to make a christmas one!!

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Venassa said...

I looove mod podge too. Just bought a huge bottle of it today. I love the idea of making a Halloween box. I started a Halloween craft supply collection recently so it would be nice to give it all its own place so it's not taking up space with the non-season stuff.