Friday, September 23, 2011

halloween cards!

i love halloween! the cute halloween, not the super-gory, people jumping out of bushes in zombie makeup scaring little children halloween. 

i made my halloween cards this year from my sweetheart’s footprint. (my mini-sweetheart, not the full-grown one.)


ghostly footprints!

we made sure the heel of the footprint was close to the top of the page so there was room to have some embellishment at the bottom. used white acrylic paint because it comes off of little feet really easily. and the eyes are just black sharpie – nothin’ special :)

back it on whatever paper you’d like – we have several different versions with purple and non-glitter paper and lots of different variations from rub-ons and stamps at the bottom.

and if your baby is born after halloween, make these in january so their foot isnt too big for the following year!!

happy haunting!

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