Tuesday, December 16, 2008

she's alive!

i really havent dropped off the planet... i just dont have internet at home for another week :( the good news is - we finally moved!! we're in a townhouse thats only about five minutes from where i lived with my family :) here are a few pictures of our before...and after pictures will have to wait until i've finished decorating ;) the livingroom with our adorable indoor patio area...haha there used to be a fireplace but apparently getting rid of the bricks wasnt a high priority
dining room!
la cocina! washer and dryer go on the end of the counter by the back door
i have stairs! my poor knees!
after an afternoon of unloading cars with cito :)

fat grace tried to keep my tv stand...

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Cassie said...

Yay for the new place! I'm excited for you. Happy birthday!!!!!!!