Saturday, October 18, 2008

wedding dresses.

well, today was stressful. wedding dress shopping. if you know me at all, you know i don't do well in crowds. apparently, this also goes for bridal shops. whether they be ginormous like david's bridal, or little teeny, they are both so stuffed with dresses that you can't walk through the aisles. and they both have annoying salesgirls who won't leave me alone. if i want your help, i'll ask for it. go away.

i tried on a couple dresses, most of them i couldnt even zip up because i have a rather large chest, if anyone hadn't noticed. slightly discouraging.

but james found some inexpensive and pretty dresses online... online at TARGET! oh shoot. i love target. if i didn't have jesse, i'd probably marry target. so i'm going to do some research and see what goes on with these dresses and go from there. and hopefully never set foot in a bridal store again. especially on a saturday.

until next time,
love & coffee,


Lost on Love said...

You didn't enjoy dress shopping :( That's so sad..... I still look at dresses wishing I could try them on and wear them all over again!

Ashlee said...

this is because I wasn't there providing some serious amounts of coffee :) Hopefully you found the perfect one. And dont settle on nothing but the best