Monday, October 6, 2008

as organized as chaos gets.

what better way to start off a brand new blog than with complete and utter chaos and overwhelming stress, right? planning a wedding is a ton of work. there are so many little tiny details to go along with so many gigantic huge ones. anyone have a winning lottery ticket and a secret career as a wedding planner?

to do (gigantic huge ones):
  • find/call/book florist
  • find/call/book dj
  • find/call/book photographer
  • find/call/book wedding cake baker/decorator
  • choose cake design ... grooms cake? red velvet armadillo?
  • find gorgeous cheap perfect wedding dress
  • find gorgeous cheap perfect bridesmaid dresses
  • finalize guest lists - ceremony & reception
  • order ... or make invitations... haven't decided on that one...
  • decide & finalize reception dinner
  • decide & finalize bar for reception
little tiny ones to come :)

1 comment:

Ashlee said...

your blog is bluueeee! Although a red aardvark would be alright, I think a red velvet lobster would be even better!! I wish I could help more. But I got married next to a river :) :)

As long as I dont look like a cupcake, choose any bridesmaid dress you want ;)