Monday, February 28, 2011

she lives!

in looking at my blog yesterday, i realized it’s been exactly one year since i last posted. how lame. but a good place to pick up, i suppose :)

in my last post, i shared the beginning of my bucket list:

visit fenway park
watch casablanca
have a baby
get a golden retriever
read the bell jar
make my own wine
plant a garden

well, i’ve accomplished one of those things so far. sort of. lets back up.

march 2010: jesse and i basically broke our necks trying to gather financial documents – w2’s, paystubs, copies of old rent checks, bank statements from the last two years – so we could apply for a home loan. it was the biggest headache, and after bouncing back and forth between our realtor, the loan officer, and the bigger-than-the-bank lender for what seemed like a million years, accompanied by alot of frustrated tears, a bottle of wine or two, and the biggest check i’d ever written, we got our house!!


we moved in at the beginning of april and we absolutely love it. i still find myself sitting in the livingroom looking around, completely amazed that it’s actually ours. it’s a really great feeling.

after unpacking and organizing (really, my favorite part. how fun is it to make drawers for potholders and cupboards for spices?! i know.), i found myself quickly digging in the dirt out front. which, if you know me at all, you know i dont get dirty, so this was quite a big deal. jesse would come home from work and find me in old ripped jeans and a ponytail with a bucket of plant food, shovels, gloves, and anything else i could get my hands on to attempt my first garden. i found my green thumb is more black and although i tried so hard, my flowers didnt fare as well as i’d hoped. so that’s my bucket list “sort of”…. i’m not giving up just yet, i’ll try again this year, maybe with low-maintenance flowers, and eventually i’d love to have a vegetable garden in the backyard for zucchinis and such :)

and there’s one more thing i can ALMOST cross off my list – have a baby!!!

on july 8, 2010, i finally got the result i was hoping for!!! i waited and waited and waited to take this test, because all the others had been so heartbreaking, and i couldnt be disappointed one more time. i was six weeks along when we found out our lives were going to be changed for the better, forever.

our sparkling cider toast :)

sweet little profile…pretty sure i couldnt love anything more than that precious nose!

throughout the pregnancy, all the old-wives tales said “GIRL GIRL GIRL!” and boy was i surprised when we got flashed with this shot at the ultrasound! my baby boy is quite proud of himself already :) i was truly in shock for most of the day. it didn’t hit me until about 6 hours after our appointment. “i’m having a boy. i’m going to have a son.” is all i heard in my head over and over and once it finally clicked, i cried my happy tears until i fell asleep.

20 weeks – halfway!

26 weeks!

32 weeks!

wk34a 36 weeks!

38 weeks!

we’re at 40 weeks this wednesday and still hoping for mr. fischer dean smith to make his grand entrance into the world!


our first wedding anniversary came and went. we had a picnic and watched the sunset, low-key and perfect, just the way we like it. the wedding cake came out of the freezer and was definitely more delicious the first time around. our second is rapidly approaching and i’m sure it will be even more relaxed than the first, seeing as how we’ll be sharing it with an infant :)

as for random events of the past year, i got to see john mayer in concert TWICE in 2010!

march 31, 2010 at keyarena in seattle

august 28, 2010 at the gorge amphitheater in george, wa

got to be a part of a great girlfriend’s wedding!

march 28, 2010, colette & matt <3
so much fun!!

got to celebrate our first christmas in our house!


decorating the nursery!





i wanted to add something extra to fischer’s room, so i turned one wall into an “under the sea aquarium” :) its no sistine chapel, but it was hand-painted with love by me, so hopefully that can be something special to him when he’s older.

i suppose that’s enough blabbing for now…i hope i can make myself be better at this again, i need to be documenting my journey through new motherhood!!

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Venassa said...

Wow I can't believe after reading your kiwibox journal so many years ago that you're now about to have a baby. Congrats! Your nursery looking amazing, by the way.