Friday, June 19, 2009

bff tagged :)

so ash tagged me! I'm supposed to pick the first folder in my photos and pick the 10th picture, and give a story behind it. Well, i'm gonna cheat just a little (only a tiny bit!). i dont have 10 photos in my first folder. so i'm picking the 10th photo from my honeymoon pictures as just a little teaser (since i'm really getting to wedding day & honeymoon blogging - i promise!)

this is my handsome husband in long beach, washington, on our first stop of our honeymoon. we were at marsh's free museum, one of my favorite places ever, home of jake the alligator man! he was looking at shells, and found one called a "flamingo tongue" that we of course bought and is now in our beach-themed bathroom :)

in turn, i'm gonna tag my good friend and bride-to-be, alison marie!

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