Sunday, April 19, 2009

cant take it.

i wish, just for a few moments, that people would realize that i'm a real human being. with my own feelings and problems. yeah, i know, amazing right? that i have my own feelings and i wasnt put on this earth just to tend to other people's feelings and issues?
i cant take everyone unloading on me constantly. i'm solving problems that aren't remotely mine. which leaves me no time or patience or strength for my own. the people who are supposed to be there for me, seem to have disappeared without a trace, with no regard to anyone but themselves. but they turn around after abandoning me and expect me to jump at the slightest hint of trouble for them. not one of these people seems to be taking into consideration that i'm kinda getting married this weekend and might have something else on my plate besides them. i wish i could be selfish like that.
(ash, please know this doesn't mean you even for a second. i dont think i would have made it this far without you. you're not just my rock, you're my whole jetty.)


Susan said...

that stinks :( However - the huge, enormous bright side, you're almost to the finish line and will soon be a newlywed rather than just the fiance ;-) that's what can keep you going if all else fails?

Ashlee said...

megs ♥
you know everything little thing about me down to what roo's i'm wearing :) (probably because you bought them for me) people depend on you because they know you will be there and thats what makes you such a great friend ;)